Digital Flow Regulation
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Breaking the rules: our passion. Inventing new ones: our challenge. With the Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) we went beyond standard parameters to introduce a new one: the flow.

Our exclusive and patented technology allows you to digitally control the quantity of water on the coffee cake for the entire extraction, especially during pre-infusion, which is the most important phase, during which aromas and flavors are developed.


Regulating the flow, you can vary acidity, sweetness, body according to the requests of your customers, leading them toward a new concept of tasting. For just one coffee variety, more tastings are possible, all different from one another.


Thanks to the dedicated APP, you can invent your profile working on the 5 extraction steps, setting time and desired water flow for each step. Once you have found the most suitable flow profile for each different coffee variety, you can save it directly in your personal collection and replicate it whenever you want.

Let’s rock your coffee!