Icon, impeccable results with minimum effort

Jun 16, 2022

The DC System is one of the main assets that makes the Icon provide impeccable results with minimum effort.

This system is made of the GCS, MCS and OCS technologies (respectively Grinder Control System, Milk Control System and Online Control System).

While the GCS technology identifies potential errors in grinding and automatically corrects grind-size, the MCS is our automatic steam wand that will help you make a creamy cappuccino by simply pushing a button.

Instead, the OCS will give you a precise overview of the machine, allowing you to monitor all parameters remotely, manage groups individually, check on the machine’s cleaning status, program maintenance work and verify consistency of the programmed doses on the machine. Now all your stores will be serving the same quality of coffee.

Discover the new Icon for the Ho.Re.Ca market at #wocmilan June 23-25, we’ll be in Hall 3 at the booth R04 #makeyourcoffeeICONic

Icon, impeccable results with minimum effort